“Mama Kin Spender produce a set that epitomises what this festival is - Kin druming upright with a voice that builds and projects, Spender on guitar, a twenty (or so)- piece choir, they breathe soul and vitality into the place.”

From the mouth of Margaret River, WA (Wadandi Boodja) to Victoria’s rugged Mornington Peninsula (Bunurong and Boonwurung country), Mama Kin Spender is a rattle and hum call across the desert plains. An ARIA-nominated duo of mischief-makers, MKS is Mama Kin (aka Danielle Caruana), a storyteller and dream weaver with a penchant for soul-baring; and Dingo Spender, a producer and songwriter with remarkable instrumental dexterity.

Long-time friends and collaborators, MKS combine drums, percussion and blistering guitar with lightning arrangements underpinned by harmonies that shimmer and smoulder. Exploring life’s joys, bruises, stretch marks and scars, MKS possess a lyrical depth that pushes us to our far-flung edges. With two releases under their belts, including ARIA-nominated “Golden Magnetic” and “Are You Listening?”, a journey through grief, rage, reflection and arrival, MKS delve into life’s complexities with vigour. 

Wholeheartedly committed to community, gathering local choirs to join their chorus wherever they roam, MKS is an openhearted burst of sincerity, wonder and adventure. Their connection is primal, breathing soul and vitality into every space they inhabit. From the songwriting craft to the beats and beaming choir, MKS will leave you clutching at your chest while stomping and howling. 

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